12 x Little Rick 32mg CBD Sparkling 330ml Raspberry Coconut Drink

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 A guilty pleasure without the guilt. Uses a specially designed cannabinoid mixture to provide a relaxing experience similar to alcohol without the drawbacks.
- No hangover
- Low or no calories
- Halal (<0.03% alcohol)

- Cannabinoids provide a relaxing experience, much like alcohol, which helps you to wind down

- Little Rick's are designed to mimic the consumption of alcohol. One Little Rick would have the equivalent relaxation of one beverage

- Little Rick Fans can pace themselves based upon their tolerance and desired effect 

Raspberry Coconut:
- Full-spectrum of cannabinoids amplify effects:32mg CBD, 8mg CBG, 1.2mg CBC
- Lightly carbonated & best served over ice.
- Zero Calorie
- A sweet fruity summer drink with a coconut aftertaste
- 330ml Labelled, small-batch can design

This product contains less than 0.2% THC

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